Mostafiz Rahman Software Engineer

Mostafiz Rahman

Technology Entrepreneur from Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hi there, this is Mostafiz Rahman, a young entrepreneur from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Currently I'm working in Durbin Labs Limited as Engineering Director. Before that I've completed my Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), the leading technology university in Bangladesh.

I've a huge interest in the software engineering industry and have been closely observing this industry for a decade. I love learning cutting edge technologies and keep me updated with them. I prefer new challenges over doing common stuffs repetitively. Solving problems with my skills, ideas and innovations is my passion. I believe everyday is a new opportunity to upgrade me to a updated version of myself.

My profile strongly holds solid engineering skills and entrepreneurial skills together. With the engineering skill I've built products that are loved by their users. Hundreds of thousands of users are using applications created by me. With the entrepreneurial skill I've co-founded a company with two other co-founders that has grown from 3 people to 25+ head count.

With small success and validated learnings now I'm preparing myself for bigger challenges.